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Brand: KDC Products Model: ws-mount
The WeatherShield® Mount provides easy mounting for the Original Critter Gitter.The original's mounting is too small for most screws and even then has no protection for wind blowing the device.The Critter Gitter inside its protective bag still hooks on the screw then the hook-and-loop band secures i..
Brand: KDC Products Model: CG Bundle
The Weather Shield Plus Original Critter Gitter Bundle gives you the original Critter Gitter and the Weather Shield Mount.Easy Mount, full weather protection. Easy switch access...
Brand: KDC Products Model: 9v
The 9 volt battery eliminator removes the need for a 9 volt battery to power a Critter Gitter.It allows for 110 volt house electricity to power a Critter Gitter...
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