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Critter Gitter Sensor



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Eliminate the need to replace 9-Volt Batteries with a Plug-In Adapter. 90 day warranty.
  All purpose audible trainer. Vet tested and approved.
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  Use for indoor perimeter control. Keep pets out of certain rooms, or out of off limit areas. Proven to work VERY well for cats!
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- Have a vegetable garden that has unwanted visitors?
- Go camping, and don't want wild animals near your site?
- Have pests that get into your outdoor garbage?
- Want to keep animals out of your yard?
- Want to keep pests away from your koi/water pond?

One year repair/replacement against manufacturing defects from time of purchase. Does not apply to products misused or damaged by customer, pets or animals.

"We own a remote cabin where we have two Critter Gitters set up to discourage a destructive bear (they work very well). They also have prevented a break in to our cabin. Our garage was broken into and articles stolen, but we are convinced that the sound of the Critter Gitters at the cabin protected us. Thank you. Ron S."


Keep Critters Away! Fully Automatic
Uses heat and motion sensors.


Detect & Deter Wild or
Domestic Animals from Gardens,
Campsites, Bee Hives, Koi Ponds,

- Varying sound pattern so animals
won't get used to one sound.

- No longer use harmful poisons
or traps for wildlife control.

- Effective bear control product
  (Suggested Retail: $82.95)
Our Price $52.95
$49.95 2-9
$47.00 10 and up
9 volt battery and protective rain shield included




New Model CRITTER GITTER® CG-1W - Weatherproof
  • Convienient Easy Mount tabs top and bottom
  • Open the shell to turn on and off or use the battery replacement fixture for remote power source and switching
  • Comes with a velcro strap tie down
  • Can be removed from the shell for indoor use
  • It has condensation holes in the bottom. Cannot be submerged
  • Rain proof
  • Works in extreme cold weather when batteries typically fail to produce enough power
(Suggested Retail: $92.95)
Our Price - $62.95
$59.95 - 2 tp 9
$57.00 10 and up
9 volt battery included




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  New Program (Note: This applies to the original Critter Gitters only)
The manufacturer only accepts returned items that are defective. They replace defective units with repaired or new items. The warranty period is 1 year. But...

If you buy a Critter Gitter from us and it does not suit your purpose, you can return it to us in resalable condition within 30 days and we will issue a refund of $25.00 per item to you.

These returned Critter Gitters® will be sold with the remaining warranty here.

As always, unopened items are returnable for a full refund (less shipping).


Our Price $25.00

Subject to Availability. 9 volt battery included on all units. Protective rain shield is included on factory refurbished units.

0 Factory Refurbished or returned unit(s) with 1 year warranty available at this time


  Product Information  
The American Made Critter Gitter® uses heat and motion sensors to detect unwanted guests, and control areas without expensive, and unsightly fencing. The Critter Gitter® can be used for both wildlife control and domestic humane animal control. It has been successful in controlling wild deer, bear, skunks, raccoons, wolves, moose, and other animals known to destroy lawns, gardens, and ponds. It gets rid of squirrels in attics.

Fully Automatic!
Using heat and motion sensors the Critter Gitter® detects unwanted guests as they enter the protected area. It begins emitting a startling audible high-pitched sound and flashing small red lights. The sudden sounds, and lights frighten the animals away. Then, the unit automatically resets for the next intrusion. Varying sound: To prevent animals from becoming accustomed to one sound, the Critter Gitter® automatically varying the sound pattern and lights.

Easy to Use! Just mount the Critter Gitter® where an animal must cross the sensor path. Allow 30 seconds for the Critter Gitter® to warm up. Be sure to keep the sensor area clear. The Critter Gitter® will sound when an animal sets it off, and automatically reset for any further intrusion.
  Unlike ultrasonics, the Critter Gitter® obtains immediate, and safe results.

Warranty: One year repair/replacement against manufacturing defects from time of purchase. Does not apply to products misused or damaged by customer, pets or animals.
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