7 Varying Sounds

Original Critter Gitter (made in USA by Amtek Pet)

The American Made Critter Gitter®

uses heat and motion sensors to detect and deter unwanted guests, and control areas without expensive, and unsightly fencing. The Critter Gitter® can be used for both wildlife control and domestic humane animal control. It has been a successful bear alarm used in controlling brown bear, black bear, Kodiak bear, Polar bear, cougar, bob cat, raccoons, wolves, birds and other animals known to destroy property and put lives in danger.

  1. 9 volt battery can last months (depends on how many times it is triggered)
  2. 2 volume settings - Loud and Very Loud (120 decibels)
  3. Flashing lights when triggered
  4. Not Ultrasonic (Every one and every thing can hear it)
  5. Works well on most wild animals (large & small) and birds
  6. Works in cold places - temp range: -50 degrees Farenheit to 130 degrees Farenheit (with sun shield)
  7. Critter control - Works by detecting BOTH Infrared light (emitted by all living animals) and Movement

The Original Critter Gitter® plus mounting extras

(Suggested Retail: $169.95)

Sale Price $79.95

9 volt battery and protective rain shield included.

Weight 5.3oz



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