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Battery Information

How long does the battery last?

It depends on how often the Critter Gitter is triggered and what the ambient temperature is. The shelf life of the 9 volt battery shipped with the device is over a year and up to ten years.

The Critter Gitter in its "dormant" state waiting for a trigger event uses very little power from the battery and as alkaline batteries use a chemical reaction to keep themselves charged, without a trigger or with an occasional trigger, say once a month, the fresh factory supplied Energizer battery normally will last a year.

But, every trigger uses some of the battery life. If it is triggered every five minutes, the capacity is reduced as well as the "chemical recovery time", so it will not last long.

How will I know when it needs changing?

When the battery is low, the Critter Gitter "chirps", notifying you that it is time to change its battery.

What kind of battery do I use?

The factory ships fresh Energizer 9 volt batteries. Some other brands have 9 volt batteries when new produce more than 9 volts and those can cause the Critter Gitter to malfunction by not powering on or with many false alarms. If you encounter this symptom, replace the battery with an Energizer to correct it.