The Amtek Critter Gitter® - Many Uses & FAQ

Many Uses:
  • Critter Gitters have been effectively used for wildlife control and many other purposes.
  • Beekeepers find them when used properly to be an excellent protection to keep bears away from their hives.
  • People living in areas where bears live use them to protect their houses, sheds and garages.
  • Campers use them to protect their food and campsites from hungry wildlife.
  • Pond owners use them to protect the fish from birds and cats.
  • Gardeners, both commercial and residential use them to keep birds, deer, rabbits and other animals from eating their plants.
  • They are used to keep squirrels, mice and rats out of attics, basements and sheds.
  • They are used as portable burglar alarms.
  • They are used by Forest Service and Wildlife Mangement Departments to "direct" wildlife away from populated areas and to change the migratory trails of animals.
  • They are used in the winter to keep deer and elk from digging up lawns to get at the grass.
  • They are used to keep deer and elk from eating the bark off fruit trees in the winter.
  • They are used to keep racoons, dogs and bears out of garbage recepticles.
  • They are used on "Low" to keep house pets out of certain areas inside a home.
  • On "Low" they are very effective at keeping cats and dogs off furniture.
  • They are used to protect boats and rv's while the owner is away..
  • They are used by poultry ranchers to keep foxes, cats and dogs and other animals away from the birds and the eggs.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. I have a question. Will the critter gitter work during the day? I have a bear that raids my apple and pear trees in the middle of the day.

    A. Yes. The Critter Gitter works both in the day and the night. Infrared light is different from visible light. It is invisible radiant energy, electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light. It is radiated (given off) by all living things.

    Night-vision devices use infrared illumination allow people or animals to be observed without the observer being detected. However, night-vision devices also work in the daytime.

    infrared deer

    Deer seen in infrared

    Q. What is the range and coverage?

    A. The coverage area is a pie shape 40 feet wide at a distance of 40 feet. This is approximately 90°. It takes four Critter Gitters to cover 360°.

    Q. I heard the Critter Gitter is ultrasonic and cannot be heard by humans. How far away can animals hear it?

    A. The Critter Gitter is NOT ultrasonic. In fact, on its high setting, it is very loud. One customer called to complain that his neighbor a mile away called him to ask what that noise was. On low, I had one in my attic (over my bed) to keep squirrels out in the winter and it did not wake me after the 1st night.

    Q. Can I use a Critter Gitter to keep pests out of my garden?

    A. Unless your garden is a long distance away from your neighbors, we wouldn't recommend it. On high, it will almost certainly wake both you and your neighbors in the night.

    Q. How long does the battery last?

    A. The 9 volt battery under "low trigger count" conditions lasts about a year. If the device is triggered a lot, the battery life is less. Also, if the device is used in cold weather (below zero F.) the battery life is shortened. The Weatherproof Critter Gitter though has a provision for an external higher capacity battery.

    Q. Can I turn the Critter Gitter off from the front?

    A. Generally, not without triggering it. However, if used with either an external battery or a Battery Eliminator, remote switching can be accomplished. An example is a dumpster protected  by a Critter Gitter using a battery eliminator that is plugged into an outlet with a switch, the switch can be turned off to dump trash then on when leaving.

    Q. Do animals become accustomed to the Critter Gitter?

    A. In general, semi-tame animals that live in urban areas are not as easily frightened as wild ones. The Critter Gitter has 7 different sounds to prevent animals from becoming accustomed to them. University tests have been done on deer using only single sounds to determine if a particular frequency will cause fear. There was no individual sound that could accomplish that. However, high frequency "ultrasonic sound" caused curiosity rather than fear and it attracted them instead of repelling them.

    Q. Will the Critter Gitter scare a [insert animal here] away?

    A. Critter Gitters are more effective on some animals and less on others. Our customers reports indicate they work best on bears of any kind. The repel rate is very high. However, the repel rate is much lower for squirrels. See our "works on" chart that has been compiled from customer feedback over the past several years. Also, keep in mind that we rarely hear about successes but we hear most about animals on which, the device does not work. Almost all of the positive feedback is in the form of repeat purchase customers.

    The Original Critter Gitter® plus mounting extras

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    Weatherproof Critter Gitter Version 2 plus mounting extras

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    9 volt battery included.
    Hook and Loop Strap included.

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