Radio Controlled Switching Components

In case you are wondering why a solar panel isn't part of this: Many northern locations don't get sun for long periods.

The receiver must function 24 hours per day and a battery will drain fast with this much load.

Also, many places have no electricity so the wired version that requires no power is for those curcumstances.

Note: These items are made to order. Even if there is low inventory, additional items will be made when there is an order.

Critter Gitter Control Module. One per Critter Gitter. $22.95
Radio Remote Switch - 12 volt dc power supply, and 2 remotes. $39.95
Note: The receiver will drain a car battery. That is why AC is needed.
Click Here For Instructions
Y Splitter: One into two. Daisy Chain for more. $5.99
(Also available from other sources)
Self-Fusing Silicon Waterproofing Tape. $4.99
(Also available from other sources)

Critter Gitter Wireless Remote Control Instructions

Attach Radio Remote Switch to the Critter Gitter Control Module
Step2: Waterproof Tape Battery Connector
Step3: Insert into the Critter Gitter
Step4: Close the battery compartment

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