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Weatherproof Critter Gitter2 by KDC

Original and Weatherproof2 Models

Important Placement Information

You want to startle the intruder from in Front as close to eye level as possible , not from behind or above.

How animals react to the Critter Gitter not in front or is above

How animals react to the Critter Gitter in Front at eye level

Courtesy Washington Department of Forestry and Wildlife

The Amtek Critter Gitter®

IS NOT WATERPROOF. If used outdoors, it MUST be protected from water. It is gets wet, it fails (most often permanently).

• This Weatherproof Critter Gitter is the 2nd version.
• The original weatherproof model has been discontinued.
• This version seals an Original Critter Gitter from moisture.
• It offers more protection from the elements than the previous version by sealing and covering the main points of moisture entry that can cause permanent damage to the device.
• 100% sensitivity and range.

The Original Critter Gitter comes with a plastic bag with holes in it to protect from moisture. The plastic covering the sensor causes it to lose approximately 10% sensitivity and detection range. It also suffers from internal condensation in high humidity environments. Driving rain can get inside because of the necessity of leaving the bottom of the bag open to help prevent condensation inside the bag.

Weatherproof Critter Gitter Version 2 plus mounting extras

(Suggested Retail: $174.95)

Sale Price $99.95

9 volt battery included.
Hook and Loop Strap included.

Wt. 5.4oz.

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The durable Weatherproof Critter Gitter has 100% sensitivity and range. The external device jack and the switch are covered. Its seam has been covered with a Silicone band. The LED's have been sealed with silicone. The band does not need to be removed for either switch access or to change a battery.

As with most "improvements" there is a downside: The switch is covered by the Silicone Band and its location is not evident. If a person doesn't know where the switch is, it is likely it cannot be located to change the volume or to switch it on or off.