In case you are wondering why a solar panel isn't part of this: Many northern locations don't get sun for long periods.

The receiver must function 24 hours per day and a battery will drain fast with this much load.

Also, many places have no electricity so the wired version that requires no power is for those curcumstances.

Note: These items are made to order. Even if there is low inventory, additional items will be made when there is an order.

Critter Gitter Control Module.
One per Critter Gitter.
Remote Switch - No battery required.
Extension Wire as needed up to 1,000 feet
Y Splitter: One into two. Daisy Chain for more.
Self-Fusing Silicon Waterproofing Tape

Critter Gitter Wired Remote Control Instructions

Step1: Attach Control Module
Step2: Waterproof Tape Battery Connector
Step3: Insert into the Critter Gitter
Step4: Close the battery compartment
Step5: Attach Critter Gitter to the switch (shown without extension)

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